8 Ways to Quickly Relieve Stress

Monday, February 23, 2015

At this moment in time, I am undergoing what I would consider to be the most stressful period of time I have ever gone through in my entire life. Senior year (as fun as it can be with all its perks) has been a very demanding school year for me. The rigorous courses I am taking along with the many extracurriculars that I am required to balance on the side is quite the load. But I still somehow manage to find time for a little TLC; you should never underestimate the importance of maintaining your stress levels. Too much stress can cause unwanted breakdowns and a negative state of mind. Here are 8 ways that I have found help me relieve stress fast that could potentially aid you in your quest to a stress-free life...

1. Talk to a Friend/Colleague
Having someone to vent to and confide in when you need to is very important. Being able to unload all those packed-in feelings on someone, whether this person plans to provide you with advice or not, is just an overall great comfort.

2. Watch Your Favorite Comedy TV Show or Movie
You may be feeling a bit out of sorts, but taking a break to watch something that will have you laughing so hard you can't breathe has been proven to relieve negative feelings. Genuine smiles and laughs are the best ones, so go heat up some popcorn and get Netflix ready - I would recommend How I Met Your Mother or 13 Going on 30 any day.

3. Light Some Candles

Some good old-fashioned aroma therapy never fails (unless you are sick with a stuffy nose, then I am so sorry... in your case, chicken soup is a beautiful thing). Feel free to take a bath or read a book while you let the smell of your favorite scent help you overcome your stress.

4. Listen to Music (And Even Dance All Around if Possible)

Listening to soothing sounds or even some pop jams have helped people like me to jump out of their funks and shake off all the worries. And if you do decide to actually shake off those worries, music can actually be twice as beneficial for you. So blast the Taylor Swift, grab your hairbrush, and recreate one of her classic music videos while you sing and dance in your bedroom to one of her newest hits.

5. Exercise

A good work out session never fails to release any unwanted emotions you may be feeling, including stress. There is such a large spectrum of activities you can do when it comes to exercising; from yoga poses at home to running around your neighborhood to lifting weights at the local gym, any activity that can cause you to break a sweat is a great option. And look at it this way - you went out and did something that is good for your health also. So get outside and get moving!

6. Document Your Feelings

Writing or typing out the way you have been feeling lately is a great way to release stress. Think of it as if your pen or keyboard is transferring all that negativity from your body and mind to a plain piece of paper or word document, leaving you with nothing but a quiet mind and sanity - sounds wonderful, right?

7. Pamper Yourself

Never forget that you deserve a little something every now and then. Maybe there is this new cafe or restaurant you have been dying to try out - go try it! Maybe you benefit well from a nice massage or getting your nails done - go reward yourself! Taking a break so you can appreciate yourself and what you have accomplished recently in any aspect of your life is very important.

8. Stop and Just Breathe!

This is the oldest remedy in the book to relieving stress. If you have never just stopped to take three deep breaths in and out and just ignore your surroundings for a few seconds, then you have been missing out on the cheapest (and for some people, most valuable) method there is to releasing those built-up feelings you are holding in. Here's a helpful motto to remember: "When in doubt, just breathe it out."

Hopefully I gave you some new ideas to try out next time you decide you think your stress levels are too high and you need to drastically lower them. Find the method that works best for you and make it a part of your daily or weekly routine - this will definitely bring you one step closer to a stress-free, balanced life. And if you have a method that was not listed above that you use to relieve your stress, leave it down in the comments below and share your knowledge with the world! I know that I personally am always open to trying new ways of getting rid of my stress.

Here's to many stress-free days to come!

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