Just Keep Swimming

Thursday, April 16, 2015

There is a famous fish that we all know. And let's be honest here: she is not the brightest fish in the tank (or ocean, I guess I should say) and has a hard time remembering important information every now and then. But the people of this planet love her despite her flaws; if you still have not figured out who I am talking about based on this introduction and the post title, I am speaking of Dory from the popular Pixar movie Finding Nemo.

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Now I know what you are probably thinking: "Where could this crazy girl possibly be headed with this post about some fish in a children's movie?". Well, let me explain my deranged logic to you...

Lately I have been in a bit of a funk. I would consider myself to typically be a pretty positive and happy-go-lucky soul but, in spite of all my radiance, there has been a hidden negativity that I find myself absorbed in at the end of each day. Suddenly my mind gets to working at night when I am alone and away from society. Between family issues, important decisions that need to be made regarding college in a few months, and trying to find scholarships to pay for my post-secondary education, everything just feels so depressing. I sit around and give myself headaches trying to figure out how to sort out my life - exactly what I was doing right before I made this blog post. I saw a post somewhere that connected me to the thought of Dory. And I realized how well Dory's most well-known line in the movie Finding Nemo relates to my life at this moment in time. I need to "just keep swimming" and stop blaming myself for all the unfortunate events that have been occurring in my life. Sitting around and wondering why my family is the way it is, why I cannot seem to gather myself together to make the choices I want to make, and why I was not good enough for the many scholarships I applied for despite being highly qualified is not going to help me feel any better. Life is constantly going to throw obstacles at you and make you feel like you are not good enough, but that does not mean you are not. Through all the hardships of life, it is imperative that you just keep swimming, making all the decisions as you go and trying over and over and over again when you "fail". The reason I say "fail" is because as long as you keep trying, you can never actually fail. This just means you have not won yet, and that's completely okay.

I sat here at my laptop today and wrote about some fish in a children's movie, smiling with every letter I typed. And I have not felt this happy with myself in a long, long time now. An animated fish gave me a bit of motivation today, and I hope I sent a little bit of that motivation on to you. The bottom line of this post is that even through all the difficulty, if you just keep swimming and working hard and you stay motivated, eventually everything will work out the way you want it to.

Let me know in the comments below if you can think of any other movies that would be wonderful motivators for people who could use a source of inspiration in order to keep moving forward right now. And don't forget to always keep swimming.


  1. I do agree with you. Disney films always 'have a lesson'. Keep it up!

  2. Dory is one of my favourites animated characters ever. I also agree with you, sometimes you just have to keep swimming... The reward is on the end of the trip.

    I also have nominated you for the Liebster Award on my blog, check it out and please notify me when you finish it :)





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