Monthly Reading: May 2015

Sunday, May 10, 2015

I used to be an avid reader a few years ago; books were so fascinating to me and reading served as my escape from life. Over the years, I have been too busy and focused with school and other activities to read. But recently, I have found myself with tons of free time due to just finishing up my last high school classes. So yesterday I took a trip to a local bookstore to get a book I have been wanting that came out not too long ago. And as soon as I entered the store, I instantly fell back in love with the world I had left years before.

Due to my reborn love of reading, I have decided to now dedicate myself to reading at least two books every month. I know reading will serve as a major stress reliever for me just like it used to, and stress relieving methods are definitely more important now than they ever were before as I prepare to enter college. Here are the two books I picked up that I can't wait to start...

1. The Her Campus Guide to College Life: How to Manage Relationships, Stay Safe and Healthy, Handle Stress, and Have the Best Years of Your Life!
Her Campus is without a doubt my absolute favorite blogger website; my ultimate goal is to become a member of the Her Campus Blogger Network, which I can apply for when my blog is at least six months old, and also a member of the Her Campus UCF chapter (fingers crossed!). When I found out they were coming out with this book, I made plans to pick it up as soon as I could. The book has amazing reviews so far and I know I will enjoy it and get some great tips out of reading it! Look forward to a review of what I believe are the best pieces of advice for a first-time-in-college freshman in this book soon.

2. Style by Lauren Conrad
I didn't walk into the bookstore planning to pick up this book, but I ended up walking out with it. This book was one of those books that I had always wanted to read but was never at the top of my list, so I never picked it up. Lately however, I have found myself very LC-obsessed (must be because I just recently discovered her clothing line). Anyway, some fashion tips from one of my biggest inspirations appealed so much to me and I ended up purchasing the book as well.

Let me know in the comments below books you are currently reading or planning to read, I'd love to get some suggestions for next month. Happy reading everyone, and a happy Mother's Day too!


  1. I'm like you where I used to be a huge reader but not so much anymore :( What a good idea, to make it an actual goal to read. What I have been reading snippets of for the past few months is called the Power of Habit.

  2. I was thinking of getting Lauren Conrad's book too! I've recently gotten back into reading after graduating University- I finally have enough time to. I'd recommend anything John Green, Sophie Kinsella if you're looking for a laugh, and Stephen King because I love everything he does!

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