Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Forgot that Mother's Day is this Sunday? Still need to get your mother a gift? Well, look no further, reader! Here are some gift ideas that I can guarantee your mother will adore if presented with this Mother's Day...

1. A simple picture frame with a memorable picture inside
A picture is worth a thousand words - especially one given to you from someone special. You can never go wrong with a nice frame and a beautiful picture of you and your mother inside. You could even make a collage or just put in a picture that brings back wonderful memories to your mother in general. This is a very common yet effective idea.

2. A breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner date
Everyone loves being treated to a meal at their favorite eatery. Take your mother out to her favorite restaurant and pay for her meal this weekend, she will definitely appreciate it and enjoy that she gets to spend some quality time with you.

3. A class you both can take together
One of my closest friends will be taking her mother out this weekend to a painting class as a way to bond with her mother and create some great memories. Think about what your mother's interests are and take her out to a class in your area! Whether it's cooking, baking, yoga, or painting, you're bound to find something nearby that you can both go to and enjoy together.

4. Jewelry
My mother is one of those people who you can never go wrong with getting a piece of jewelry. When it comes to her, it doesn't matter if it's a charm, bracelet, ring, or watch; I know that whatever it is, she will love it and wear it all the time. Although this idea can be a bit more expensive depending on what you choose to get, if your mother is like mine, it can definitely be worth the investment if you're looking to get her something extra special this Mother's Day.

5. The classic card and flowers
Some people find this idea to be very boring since it's just so typical. But hey, sometimes the most unoriginal ideas can be the most effective as well. It's never a bad idea to get your mother her favorite flowers and a card that is filled with words of love from you.

What are you planning to do for your mother this Mother's Day? Let me know in the comments below! As previously said, my mother is a big jewelry kind of person. She has always talked about getting birthstone charms from Pandora for a bracelet that would represent when each of her children were born, but then I introduced her to Alex and Ani and she fell hard for the birthstone bangles. Since this year's Mother's Day is a bit more special with me leaving off to college soon and being able to only see my mother rarely, fulfilling her jewelry goal is what I'll be doing as her gift this year. Three children = three bangles = one pretty expensive purchase, but I have been saving up for awhile now and the look on her face this Sunday will definitely be worth the money spent. Hope everyone has a lovely Mother's Day!


  1. Lunch would be really nice as I think time is the best gift. However I live too far away for that. Instead I am having a certain type of cup that she likes shipped to her. A cup -- weird, right? But that's what she likes and she would be dissapointed if she didn't get one :)

    1. If it's what she likes then it's already a great gift! Our interests are what make us all unique. Hope she enjoys your gift to her!


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