Summer 2015 Trends/Essentials

Sunday, May 17, 2015

And just as quickly as they began, the spring showers have started reaching their end. June is right around the corner and the clouds have begun to move out of the sky, making room for the summer sun to finally shine through. Spring is lovely and all, but summer is just my favorite season for so many reasons and I am ready for everything it has to offer. Summer is a time for fun, sun, and some of my absolute favorite types of clothing and accessories - and seeing a lot of them as this year's top summer trends makes me even more pumped for the season. Here are my summer wardrobe essentials that I believe every fashion-savvy woman should have (and with reasonably priced selections for you to scroll through, too!)...

1. Floppy Hats
Floppy hats send off a classic vibe to me, which is what I really love most about them. I appreciate how easily they can add an elegant touch to an outfit, or even a pop of color too depending on the accents around the hat such as ribbons or bows. It serves as a nice cover also for when you're planning to go out in the hot summer sun!
2. Rompers
Some people claim they don't wear rompers because they can't work them as well as others can - I like to believe that they just haven't found the right style romper for them yet. Rompers remind me of dresses in that there are so many different choices out there; you can have a v-neck or halter, sleeves or no sleeves, open back or closed back... The choices are endless really, and not every style is going to look great on every person but there will come a time where you finally figure out which type you can fashionably own. So just think of finding a romper for you like when you were searching for that perfect dress for Prom - if you keep looking, you'll eventually find it and you'll feel confident and great when you finally do!

3. Soft Shorts
Comfy, cute and casual - what other reasons could you possibly need to convince yourself to buy a pair of these?
4. Kimonos
Kimonos can be mixed and matched with pretty much any other article of clothing you want to wear it with - as long as there's no major color/pattern clashes, of course. This is what makes them such an essential for any woman's closet. They can literally be the missing piece to your entire outfit, exactly what it needs to be complete!
5. Jumpsuits
I know what you're probably thinking: "Pants? In the SUMMER?". Well you see, the jumpsuits I'm recommending and referring to here are the ones that flow and are made of lightweight materials. Basically, they're like the soft shorts when you think about it - just with pants and an added top. I promise you won't overheat very much at all!
What are your summer wardrobe staples? Let me know in the comments below. Hope everyone already has some wonderful plans in store for the amazing summer ahead!


  1. Love the floppy hats. My dog ate mine :( I am in love with cat eye sunglasses right now and am dying to buy a kimono!

  2. I've never owned a jumpsuit, but those ones looks super cute and comfy! Kinda makes me wanna go shopping…. :)
    Love, Krista |


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