Book Review: Her Campus Guide to College Life

Monday, June 15, 2015

Her Campus is a community for college women. Their mission is to inspire collegiettes through articles written by other college women that provide advice, tips, and lessons in everything from relationships to stress. Recently, a book was released by the founders and a few authors of HC known as The Her Campus Guide to College Life: How to Manage Relationships, Stay Safe and Healthy, Handle Stress, and Have the Best Years of Your Life! I posted that I would be reading this book as a part of my May Monthly Reading in order to prepare for college in the upcoming months.

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This book was honestly one of the best books I have ever read in my entire life and was so hard to put down. Not only is it just a well-written guide for college women, both incoming and current, but it also has a dash of humor and a sprinkle of fun that makes even the most awkward topics feel comfortable. While I was reading, I wrote down what I believe are the most important tips for me to know that I never even considered - and the list is LONG. The long list just guarantees I received some valuable tips and tricks from this guide, and you can too. I believe the advice I received from this book will be very beneficial to me not just in college, but even through life as well. I could not feel more prepared for college than I feel at this moment now, and many of my nerves that I had prior to reading this book have officially been shaken. Something that once looked so scary to me now seems like almost a walk in the park and a wonderful new adventure that I can't wait to go through! I highly recommend this book for all collegiettes; whether you're just starting off as a little freshman or getting ready to make your way out as a graduating senior, you'll definitely find something valuable that you can take from this guide.

Have you checked out the Her Campus Guide yet? Let me know in the comments below what you thought of it if you have! If you want to get a copy for yourself, click here to find locations you can buy it near you. I'm so excited to take on Orientation later this week now and truly begin my college experience!

P.S. This week, I created a guest blogger post for Julianna over at Sass del Sur. Be sure to check out the post that will be up on her blog this Wednesday!

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