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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

These past few days, I spent some time in the All-Star Music Resort at Walt Disney World so my brother could get the full Disney experience he never really got in his younger years. We traveled around to the different parks and had tons of family fun! However, I noticed that despite being a two-year annual passholder and having the prior experience of staying in a Walt Disney World Resort (click here to read about the first time), I still found myself forgetting some very valuable items that would have definitely benefited me during my days at the parks. So, I compiled a list of what I believe are the top items you should always be sure to have when taking a trip to any Disney park - or any amusement park really. And I figured that there's no better time to post something like this than the beginning of summer!

To start off (and this probably goes without saying), be sure to wear comfortable clothing and footwear that you could spend all day in if you had to. Also, obviously don't forget your cash, credit/debit card(s), and park ticket(s)!

1. Bag
You don't really need to bring a huge bag such as a backpack to an amusement park unless you're packing extra clothes for your family to take with you. I recommend a nice cross-body bag, something that's big enough to hold all of your stuff but also small enough to where it won't be a hassle to carry around with you.

2. Water Bottle(s) and Snacks
I know some amusement parks don't allow you to bring in outside food and beverages, but Disney does! So be sure to save yourself a bit of money and bring a water bottle that you can refill at the park's fountains and pack a few little snacks in Ziploc bags.

3. Sunglasses
A majority of the time, the sun is out here in the Sunshine State. Don't forget to pack a pair of sunglasses for your trip! If you do, I know Disney sells some nice ones at the parks ranging from $15 to $25 - not a terrible price, but also not worth forgetting yours for!

4. Portable Charger
The lines for attractions can be long at amusement parks and you can tell yourself that you won't be on your phone much of the day, but sometimes you may not go through with that promise. Always bring a portable mobile charger with you just in case you're in a situation where your phone is about to die and you know you're going to be needing it later.

5. Hair Ties
It's always hot here in Florida, and that's no exception during the summertime. Never underestimate the power of hair ties - even if you believe your hair looks terrible when it's up, trust me when I say that is something you're not going to care about when you're dying in the heat and your hair and neck is all sweaty and yucky!

6. Hat
Some people like hats whereas others don't. If you don't plan on wearing any special Mickey ears while you're at Disney, it's probably best to still take one with you. I used to hate hats until I realized the value of them while I was out at Disney for many sunny days on end and my sunglasses weren't helping me shield the sun's rays enough.

7. Sunscreen
I have never had the problem of getting sunburned at an amusement park, and I've spent 22 hours at Disney before (click here to read all about it). But everyone has their own skin type that reacts to the sun in different ways compared to someone else. Bring some sunscreen just in case if you're not sure what to expect, it's never bad to have a small bottle with you!

8. Hand Sanitizer
There are germs anywhere you go, but a place like Disney? There's going to be TONS. Leave a little container of it in your bag, you never know when you're going to feel like you need a good sanitizing (and more than likely, you're going to feel this way a lot).

Let me know if there's something you would add to this list in the comments below. Wishing you all many trips to fun places like Disney this summer! And P.S. - I made an Instagram account for my blog! Be sure to follow when you get the chance at @asouthernsunshine to stay updated on posts (and enter giveaways in the future, too!).

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  1. I LOVE DISNEYLAND!!! :D :D :D :D :D I just came back from Japan and I went to the Tokyo Disney Sea, it was so fun!! I definitely need to go to the Disney World resort one day. This list is super useful because I forgot my hair band and half the time my hair was all over my face. Lol XD
    Thanks for sharing Hailey, have a great weekend!



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