How To Make Use of Your Graduation Tassels

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Almost a month ago, I walked across the stage at my high school Graduation to claim my hard-earned diploma with the biggest smile that you had probably ever seen on a person's face. At the end of the ceremony, I moved my tassel from right to left, symbolizing my new status of high school graduate. That tassel I wore has been on my cap ever since, which was tossed on a chair in my bedroom after that special night... I've been pretty lazy since I graduated if I'm being completely honest. I decided it was probably time I finally did something with all of my Graduation memorabilia. Choosing what to do with my cap, gown, and tassel already on the cap was easy; all of that stuff will be going in a shadow box. However, I face a rather odd problem - I received three tassels this year, leaving me with the tough situation of trying to figure out what to do with the other two. My club-specific tassel will most likely be hung up on the wall next to the plaques I have from various positions I served in the organization, so the only tassel I have left to decide what to do with now is my normal (non-honors) tassel. Here are some cute ideas that I found for what you can do with those leftover tassels you have too...

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1. Hang it in your car.
A very common idea that is never bad to go with - unless your car has some specific color/pattern theme. Then this may not be the idea for you if your tassel's color/colors doesn't/don't blend well.

2. Create an ornament with it.
I have seen this specific DIY project everywhere and I absolutely love it because it is so easy to put together. All it takes is your tassel and a glass ball ornament to make this classic piece that could even turn into a nice little family tradition.

3. Scrapbook it.
I'm not much of a scrapbook person myself, but there are tons of people out there who I know are really into that sort of crafting! Putting together a scrapbook can be so much fun and it allows for a ton of creativity, letting you really reflect your personal style into all the pages. Plus, a scrapbook is an enjoyable way to take a stroll down memory lane every once in awhile.

4. Create a bookmark.
I think tassels would make the most adorable bookmarks, whether they're hole-punched to a decorated slip of paper or just stuck right in the book. This idea is definitely at the top of my list for the last tassel I have left, probably because of how simple it is and how much I read now.

5. Frame it.
Stores such as Michael's and Hobby Lobby sell specialty frames that are made with spots next to your diploma or a picture of you to hang your tassel. There are so many different styles of these frames, from the basic wooden kinds to the cutesy chalkboard ones. You're bound to find something you like going with this method, and if you end up deciding to frame your tassel with your cap and gown, you can always go for a shadow box like I am!

What did you do with your tassel(s) after Graduation(s)? Let us all know in the comments below, especially if you did something that isn't on this list! What you did with yours may inspire someone else.

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  1. These ideas are so cute! I'll probably do one of these after I graduate!
    Alyson |

  2. I love the idea of making an ornament with it!



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