Friday, August 28, 2015

Greetings Internet! Now, I know what you're thinking: "A post from A SOUTHERN SUNSHINE? She's still ALIVE?!" Yes, I am indeed still alive and also breathing quite well, if I might add.

I expected this month to be a great one for this blog, but as well all know, sometimes the things we expect to happen aren't what actually do. Life has this way of changing our sails, and this past month was full of high waves and rough seas. But I am back now, and I am back for good this time. I'm still adjusting to my new life, so I don't know for sure just how many posts will be up each week this next month, but I'm going to try to jump back into my typical Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule as soon as possible.

To ease my way back into blogging, I thought I would fill everyone in on some major events that have happened recently. I figured it was important to keep you all up to date so that you are not only informed, but so that my future posts make sense (because yes, the points that follow will be incorporated into topics of discussion very soon!).

1. I moved into college!
I moved into my dorm way before my other roommates (a whole week ahead of time) so that I could go through Recruitment. Since my half of the room is still under construction, you will have to wait to see pictures - however, I will let you in on my theme... it is Nautical/Lilly Pulitzer based with focuses on the colors pink, navy, and gold!

2. I went through Recruitment... and came out a Gamma Phi Beta!
Fall Recruitment Week was definitely the most stressful yet fun week of my life. I had the absolute best time going through Recruitment and I feel like I came out a more social person afterwards, a great quality that is never bad to improve upon. I am extremely blessed to say that I did receive a bid and was able to run home to my top choice sorority, Gamma Phi Beta! It feels so good to be around a group of women who make me feel comfortable and share the same values as me. I can honestly say that after one week, I already truly feel at home when I am with them. I am really looking forward to a very exciting first semester as a member of this sorority!

3. I just finished my first week of classes.
And let me tell you, it was not an easy week at all due to many unforeseen circumstances... But hey, that's life right? Stay tuned for a post next week all about it.

4. I just celebrated the 6-month anniversary of this blog!
It's crazy to think that I have been blogging for 6 months already - it only feels like I started this blog just last week! I'm really looking to get serious with A Southern Sunshine, which actually brings me to my last point...

5. I'm looking into re-branding this blog before the end of the year.
I'm starting to have more of an idea of the types of posts that I want to be writing and therefore the blog style that I want to show the world. Be prepared for some changes to the website these next few months - big or small, I will keep you updated on them all!

It's great to officially be back in the blogging game, and I can't wait for everyone to see what is in store these next few months. Get strapped in people, it's about to be one wild ride!

Game Day Outfit Ideas

Friday, August 7, 2015

If I had to pick the thing that I'm most excited about college for, it would without a doubt be the football games. I never really showed much school spirit while I was in high school, and in my four years actually only attended one football game. However, I was always ready to cheer my heart out for NFL games on TV (How about them cowboys, anyone?). I've seen a few college football games on TV and even attended one, and I just believe that there is such a different atmosphere and feeling of excitement between college and high school football. Bottom line, I'm pumped to get to spend my Fridays and Saturdays yelling chants and singing fight songs with my fellow students (and it'll even be for a team that is well-known for how good they are - a major plus). And I'm also thrilled to get the chance to try out new outfits that I had in mind! Read on for some game day outfit ideas for all types of weather...

(Picture Source: LC Design)
  • It's super hot out...
I actually love when it's hot on a game day, simply because there's so many outfit options to choose from. To start, you can never go wrong with a t-shirt that has your school logo and/or color(s) on it with a nice pair of patterned or colored shorts. I personally love the logo t-shirt with bright colored shorts look! But dresses and rompers are also a major plus to this kind of weather when you're feeling a bit more dressy; a nice plain color with some coordinating colored jewelry can go a long way. Statement necklaces really complete a look if it's a little plain, so remember those when you're feeling like you need a real pop of color! Finally, comfy flats are obviously your best bet in this type of weather.
  • It's starting to get a bit chilly...
Just so that we all have a general definition of the time of year I'm getting at here, we'll say deep fall when the leaves have fallen and the temperature is slowly making it's way down from maybe 60ish degrees. I recommend breaking out the leggings and cute little booties for this type of weather since it's not really cold enough for jeans or furry boots just yet. Throw on an over-sized t-shirt with your school's color(s) and/or logo on it and add a thin scarf or statement necklace to finish off your look. If you think you can handle the chill, feel free to switch it up by wearing a long-sleeved dress, maxi dress or skirt - you can just throw on a cardigan if you think you'll get a bit cold!
  • OK, now it's freezing...
Just because it's 30 degrees (or maybe even less depending on where you live) outside now doesn't mean you can't still look cute for that game! To start, you're obviously going to need some comfy jeans and a pair of snugly boots. You can even add leg warmers for an extra touch of color and comfort if you'd like also! Now it's time to bring out those over-sized sweaters and hoodies - they're your best bet to staying warm. If you need a little extra warmth, feel free to throw on a puffy vest or jacket over that layer. Finally, nothing completes an outfit like the accessories, and during this type of weather they are really going to be your best friend! Fuzzy or woolly scarves and hats with your school logo and/or colors add major spirit and color to your outfit, all while keeping you cozy.

What does your favorite game-day outfit consist of? Can't wait for college football to start!

Freshman Year Goals

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

I leave for college on the 16th of this month and I am beyond psyched! Despite this year being my first actual year in college, I won't be considered a freshman academically due to the fact that I received a large amount of accelerated credits in high school that transferred into college credit. The amount of credits I have deem me a sophomore for classification purposes, but I am still what is considered an FTIC, otherwise known as a First-Time In College student. The way I look at it, this is technically my first year in college so for post purposes, I will still refer to this list as my freshman year goals. Here are the ten goals that I hope will achieve by the end of this first year in college...

1. Rush and be recruited to a sorority.

2. Be officially accepted into the Business program.

3. Make the Dean's List both semesters.

4. Find a part-time job on-campus or close by.

5. Become a Student Ambassador for a club/organization.

6. Follow a set workout schedule.

7. Be accepted as an Orientation Leader or Rho Gamma for the summer of 2016.

8. Make a new close/best friend (or two, maybe three!).

9. Get at least one scholarship ("at least" because more is obviously always better).

10. Join and write articles for my university's Her Campus chapter.

What are your goals for this school year? Remember that if you work hard, you can achieve anything!

Links I Loved: July 2015

Monday, August 3, 2015

July went by so fast! It was a very hectic month for me, and I'm extremely sorry that I couldn't get a lot of posts done. But a new month means a new chance, and August promises to be a productive one! I've already started getting back into the swing of things with school and even a new job (!!!), and now I'm all ready to get moving on this blog again too. Stay tuned for some great posts to come and keep up with me on social media through the links at the end of this post - I've gotten really into posting Instagram pictures lately and participating in blogger chats on Twitter! For now, here are the links I loved this past month of July...

(All pictures taken from their respective links.)
1. I have had such an obsession with Tortoise patterned items lately, and this necklace is no exception!

2. Buying this item as the perfect edition to my dorm's common room.

3. Just reading about these different lemonade recipes has me parched!

4. The best tips for Recruitment that I have received thus far.

5. I managed to snag this Kate Spade purse for more than half-off in their sale earlier this month - SCORE.

6. This card essential is exactly what someone like me needs.

7. S'mores caramel apples, marshmallow wands and bark?! You've definitely outdone yourself this time, Disney (in the best way, of course).

8. No better blanket than one made with your own photos.

9. This place can serve cupcakes through an ATM, and I'm hoping they decide to open a location in Florida soon!

What crazy links caught your eye this past month?

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