The 7 Best Things About Fall

Friday, September 25, 2015

Well, it's official! As of this past Wednesday, it's finally FALL. Personally, I find the fall season to be the best one of them all - there's something about this time of year that makes getting up in the morning feel so refreshing and lovely. When I woke up on the 23rd to a calendar that told me it was the first day of autumn, I was stoked. I believe that there's just so much to love about fall, despite the fact that I live in a place where fall doesn't necessarily mean that the weather will be any less hot (#FloridaProbs). Here's what I think are the best things about fall...

1. The Warm, Cozy Feeling in the Air
You can't deny that there's just something totally different about fall that makes life feel so much more worth getting out and enjoying every day. As the weather begins to shift and autumn truly approaches, that feeling of warmth starts to settle in. The happiness and desire to just cuddle up and get cozy or take a nice long walk through the crisp morning air takes over, and the positivity can be seen radiating from every person you see.

2. The Changing Leaves and Cool Breeze
Although the weather in Florida unfortunately doesn't change as intensely as the weather further up north during this time of year, we still get some changes when it comes to the colors of the leaves and a few breezes here and there. Surprisingly, it has actually been a bit cooler than expected lately - either way, all we Floridians can ever do down here is hope fall doesn't wait until the end of the season to finally make an appearance.

3. Fall Fashion
Over-sized sweaters and leggings? There is no better combination! (Well unless you were to throw in some cute booties, then it's perfect.)

4. The Social Vibe
The fall semester in college is always the more fast-paced semester it seems. At the beginning of the school year, everyone is just so much more in-the-zone and ready to get out there - they don't call it Social Season for nothing. Also, this time of year it's neither too hot nor too cold, so you can do just about anything in this kind of weather without a real interference due to weather!

5. The Bath and Body Works Scents
Time to stock up on candles and soap again!

6. The Holidays
Fall holidays are all about spending time with your family and really being grateful for what you have, which is a big reason why this season is such a favorite for me... And the amount of amazing food I get to eat.

7. Pumpkin Everything
From pumpkin foods to pumpkin drinks to just flat out pumpkins in general - everyone loves a good pumpkin this time of year! You can totally sit out on your front porch and drink your Starbucks pumpkin spice latte while you eat delicious pumpkin bread and carve a silly face in a pumpkin that you picked up at a pumpkin patch or your local supermarket and NOT look like a completely obsessed freak.

What's your favorite thing about fall? Here's to a wonderful season filled with dancing leaves, comfy sweaters, and pumpkin spice everything!

How to Be an Optimist

Friday, September 18, 2015

A few months back, I stood up against my personal attitude of life. Listening to the way other people felt about their lives and even reflecting on how I would react to situations in my own life made me realize that I didn't want to live with even a smudge of a negative outlook. Looking back now, becoming an optimist was the best decision I could have ever made. I noticed many differences in the way I acted socially and mentally, and I even felt like a healthier and more sane person when undergoing tough circumstances. I adopted this positive outlook on life and I'm writing today to inform you of how you too can easily be an optimist...

  • Think Positive
This is the most obvious tip of all, but what I would believe is the hardest one for people to live by. Be aware that the road to thinking positive can either be short or long depending on how negative you already think now. But you can get there, and you will eventually.
  • Accept Your Feelings and Reflect upon Them
Being an optimist does not mean you need to feel happy ALL the time. An optimist is someone with a positive outlook on life. Bad storms will still come your way and clouds may even cover the sun's rays for extensive periods of time every now and then, and you are allowed to feel sad. Always accept the way you feel and reflect upon it: What can I do in order to fix the current problem? What can I learn from this situation/experience in order to keep it from happening again? Don't just look for the quick way out, but rather for the educational way out - and don't forget to continue to think positive!
  • Don't Compare, Aspire
Jealousy is the ugliest emotion in the family. It causes you to feel bad about yourself and your personal accomplishments, small or big, simply because someone else may have achieved something seemingly better than you. NEVER allow jealousy to stand in the way of how you feel and how you treat others. I have watched it ruin my own personal close friendships with people because they would believe they deserved achievement or excelment over others. If they weren't achieving something, than you shouldn't have been - does that sound like the kind of person you want people to see you as? Someone who can't congratulate and be happy for someone in what could potentially be one of the proudest moments in their life thus far? Support others and instead aspire to live up to them and who they are and what they've earned rather than ridicule and break them (and yourself) down.
  • Surround Yourself with People Who Care
If someone in your life treats you poorly and won't change, then simply get rid of them. It's a lot easier to cut the string than people realize; the reason it's viewed as difficult is because they worry for the reaction of the other person or the potential empty void they may feel afterward. Know that this isn't their life, their sanity, and their health both physically and mentally on the line every day - it's YOURS. And if there is an empty feeling after they're gone, know that it doesn't last forever as you adjust to life without them in it. You were breathing just fine before they were offered a spot in your life, and you'll be breathing even better after you remove their privilege. Take it from my own personal experience, you will be so much happier and have way less stress after you walk away from someone who ruins your life. The people around you should actually show that they care about you, support you, truly love you and cherish your presence.
  • Show Kindness in Everything You Do and Say
Remember that all anyone wants in life is to be respected. You should always be kind towards every person you encounter, whether you've known them for 5 minutes or 5 years, and handle any issues with a classy demeanor. This includes people you dislike also. You're going to deal with many unreasonable people in your life at school, work, and just in general, and it's important to always be the bigger person. Actions affect attitude.
  • Have Gratitude for Both the Good and the Bad
Everything happens in this life because it was meant to happen. You should be thankful for every little thing, good or bad, because there is a lesson to be taken from it. Incorporate those lessons into the way you live and look at life and your future will surely benefit from your new-found knowledge. On your worst days, remind yourself that there is always something to be thankful for.

What other tips do you have to offer to others about gaining an optimistic attitude?
Hope everyone has a happy Friday and a great weekend!

5 Seconds of Summer Concert 09/12/2015

Monday, September 14, 2015

I am currently suffering two different post-depression phases. The first is post-summer depression - despite that here in Florida, summer actually never really leaves.. but you get what I mean. The second is post-concert depression, what I personally believe to be is the best kind of depression. My roommate/best friend and I bought tickets to see 5 Seconds of Summer more than a year ago, and finally seeing them in concert yesterday felt so surreal.

The concert was outdoors, and Florida actually decided to not be too nice to us on this specific day of the year - frequent short cold rain showers would hit us every now and then as we were waiting to get in to the Amphitheatre. Eventually we did make it in, and the location of our seats made everything better. This was the second to last show of the tour, and you could feel the excitement in the air from all the girls who had been waiting months to get to this day just like us.

{My roomie and I! Click here to check out her blog, Napa Valley Sunshine.}
I decided to go for a cute but laid-back look - had to be prepared in case I met one of the boys, am I right ladies? I wore this lacy black romper that I picked up from a local boutique (the boutique is actually on my school's campus and is exclusive to students that attend!) and paired it with some black high-top Converse. I added a long gold necklace and a few Alex and Ani bangles to give my outfit that final touch without being too much.

Seeing 5 Seconds of Summer perform live was amazing, and they are one of those acts that sound even better in person. I'm glad that I kicked off my fall concert line-up with such a great show! Next up: All Time Low and Taylor Swift in October - so pumped! What artists will you be seeing soon?

Sorority Recruitment Misconceptions

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

As some of you may already know from reading my most recent post, I underwent Sorority Recruitment a few days back. It was one of the craziest weeks of my life thus far, but I don't regret going through the process one bit. Being a part of a group of amazing women who share my same values and make me feel like I have a home away from home is truly a blessing and was worth every minute I spent suffering through long days in the hot sun during Rush Week. I was very scared and nervous to be going through Recruitment for a long list of reasons, and looking back now I realize that I was just psyching myself out based on beliefs that I had gathered from the other girls around me and articles that I had read online. So, I'm posting today to clear up these common misconceptions that I had throughout the week for all the readers out there who are considering, currently, or will be undergoing Recruitment in the future...

Gamma Phi Beta UCF's Pledge Class of Fall 2015 (I'm all the way on the left!)
"If you're an upperclassman, you have very little chance of getting into a sorority."
I met many other potential new members that were juniors who ended up having full schedules every day of Recruitment and ran home on Bid Day. There may be some sororities at your school who won't be willing to invite you back simply because you are late to the game, but that just means you were meant for a different house that was willing to accept that you are not entering their home as a freshman.

"You need a recommendation letter/legacy to really guarantee your spot."
Recommendation letters and legacies are obviously nice to say you have, but you shouldn't be worried if you didn't bother to get any letters or if you're the first in your family to go Greek (like me!). Just because someone talks well of you on paper or because your mother was a member of that sorority does not mean the girls in that sorority will automatically feel you fit in with them.

"The girl talking to you is the one who does all the work."
You can't always count on the girl you're speaking to to continue the conversation. They want to get to know you, and sometimes that means that you need to be the one to initiate topics. The member you're talking to will eventually run out of questions and things to talk about if you don't, and they want to get a feel for how you converse also. Occasionally, they're just as nervous as you are, so participate and keep the conversation going as much as you can to make sure you both feel comfortable!

"How you look is everything."
The girls you will be talking to are looking for someone who can hold a conversation with them along with make them feel like themselves, not someone who can show off how much money they have through their designer dresses or shoes. Obviously you should look presentable, but don't worry too much about the brand of the clothing you're wearing. I wore a lot of clothing and accessories that I already had in my closet thanks to different functions and events I attended throughout high school. The girls rushing you just want to see your personality shine through!

"You'll just know where you want to be by Preference Night."
I talked to so many other Potential New Members who told me they still had no idea where they wanted to be prior to voting on the last night. By the end of the whole process you may not know, but that's completely okay. Don't stress too much if this happens to you and just really consider every aspect when it comes down to the end of the night.

Any other common misconceptions to Recruitment that I missed? Leave them in the comments below as advice to other current or future Potential New Members!
Good luck to all of my fellow Rushers this semester!

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