How to Be an Optimist

Friday, September 18, 2015

A few months back, I stood up against my personal attitude of life. Listening to the way other people felt about their lives and even reflecting on how I would react to situations in my own life made me realize that I didn't want to live with even a smudge of a negative outlook. Looking back now, becoming an optimist was the best decision I could have ever made. I noticed many differences in the way I acted socially and mentally, and I even felt like a healthier and more sane person when undergoing tough circumstances. I adopted this positive outlook on life and I'm writing today to inform you of how you too can easily be an optimist...

  • Think Positive
This is the most obvious tip of all, but what I would believe is the hardest one for people to live by. Be aware that the road to thinking positive can either be short or long depending on how negative you already think now. But you can get there, and you will eventually.
  • Accept Your Feelings and Reflect upon Them
Being an optimist does not mean you need to feel happy ALL the time. An optimist is someone with a positive outlook on life. Bad storms will still come your way and clouds may even cover the sun's rays for extensive periods of time every now and then, and you are allowed to feel sad. Always accept the way you feel and reflect upon it: What can I do in order to fix the current problem? What can I learn from this situation/experience in order to keep it from happening again? Don't just look for the quick way out, but rather for the educational way out - and don't forget to continue to think positive!
  • Don't Compare, Aspire
Jealousy is the ugliest emotion in the family. It causes you to feel bad about yourself and your personal accomplishments, small or big, simply because someone else may have achieved something seemingly better than you. NEVER allow jealousy to stand in the way of how you feel and how you treat others. I have watched it ruin my own personal close friendships with people because they would believe they deserved achievement or excelment over others. If they weren't achieving something, than you shouldn't have been - does that sound like the kind of person you want people to see you as? Someone who can't congratulate and be happy for someone in what could potentially be one of the proudest moments in their life thus far? Support others and instead aspire to live up to them and who they are and what they've earned rather than ridicule and break them (and yourself) down.
  • Surround Yourself with People Who Care
If someone in your life treats you poorly and won't change, then simply get rid of them. It's a lot easier to cut the string than people realize; the reason it's viewed as difficult is because they worry for the reaction of the other person or the potential empty void they may feel afterward. Know that this isn't their life, their sanity, and their health both physically and mentally on the line every day - it's YOURS. And if there is an empty feeling after they're gone, know that it doesn't last forever as you adjust to life without them in it. You were breathing just fine before they were offered a spot in your life, and you'll be breathing even better after you remove their privilege. Take it from my own personal experience, you will be so much happier and have way less stress after you walk away from someone who ruins your life. The people around you should actually show that they care about you, support you, truly love you and cherish your presence.
  • Show Kindness in Everything You Do and Say
Remember that all anyone wants in life is to be respected. You should always be kind towards every person you encounter, whether you've known them for 5 minutes or 5 years, and handle any issues with a classy demeanor. This includes people you dislike also. You're going to deal with many unreasonable people in your life at school, work, and just in general, and it's important to always be the bigger person. Actions affect attitude.
  • Have Gratitude for Both the Good and the Bad
Everything happens in this life because it was meant to happen. You should be thankful for every little thing, good or bad, because there is a lesson to be taken from it. Incorporate those lessons into the way you live and look at life and your future will surely benefit from your new-found knowledge. On your worst days, remind yourself that there is always something to be thankful for.

What other tips do you have to offer to others about gaining an optimistic attitude?
Hope everyone has a happy Friday and a great weekend!

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  1. Loved your point that being optimist isn't synonymous with constant happiness! Really liked reading through this :)


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