Hello, November

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

November. There has always been something about this month for me - it's just the one that really "clicks", the one I truly take it in. I wake up, and I feel fall all around me. There doesn't have to be the sound of birds chirping in place of an alarm clock or the smell of candles wafting in from the kitchen where my mother is cooking something delicious as always, but it's instantly what I think of. These are the little things that make me the happiest. And there's also just something about fall that makes a person feel so fresh, so new. Reborn with another chance to really get it right this time, to start over if they so choose.

I think of love when I wake up on the first day of this month. Of family, the people who matter the most to me, the ones I would do anything for. I think of Thanksgiving, what I am  thankful for that I don't sit around to think of every day of the year. I think of who I am, who I want to be, if I am truly being the person I aspire to be, if I am actually inspired by myself - if not, then there's a problem.

I reflect. I think of problems, issues facing myself or even the world. I'm grateful to say I didn't really have any - but I did have opportunities. Opportunities for change, for improvement, for motivation, for a chance to really expand upon myself as a person and citizen. To look back at everything I have always wanted to do and be and finally do and be those things.

In my Cinema Survey course, I learned that water signifies the beginning of the protagonist's transition to the new world in films, a concept in The Hero's Journey. This is the start of their journey towards a new world that will cause them to come back to their former a changed person. There's always some sort of water, whether it's an ocean or a bathtub or rain... or a fountain. In my case, it was a fountain.

On this lovely November day, I decided that this was the day I would start over. I went outside and sat by my university's fountain. I reflected, I evaluated, I devised. I accepted my informal invitation for rebirth, my chance to begin a new. I decided it was time to become the person I always wanted to be, and for some reason I let today be that day. Today was that day.

In fall, the leaves disappear with the wind from trees every day. Think of it as the amount of people who decided to start new that day. Take it as inspiration, as a chance for not only others, but yourself. You have a new day every day to be the person you know in the back of your head that you've always wanted to be, for your leaf to fall.

Why not today?

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