Holiday Playlist

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

My favorite thing about this time of year is the music. There's just something about the songs that give you a warm feeling inside, and you can listen to them literally doing anything and everything. Unfortunately, it's only makes sense and is socially acceptable to listen to holiday-type music during the actual season it is featured in. Since this specific time of year's music is the best kind in my book, I have compiled this Holiday Playlist of my personal favorite songs; a majority of them are very poppy and upbeat, which fits my personality and what I believe is this time of year very well!

What are some of your favorite holiday songs not on this list?
I know there are so many out there, and I personally am always looking for more good ones. Merry listening, readers!


  1. Great songs- all of them! I adore the classics as well, but these newer ones are great :) I really love the Pentatonix Christmas album!!

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