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Friday, December 18, 2015

As my first semester of college officially comes to a close, I can't help but reflect on the last few months of my life. I am so very thankful for all the people I have met and all the memories I have made thus far; I can honestly say my first semester was absolutely perfect.

Back in August, I put together a list of my top ten goals that I wanted to achieve during my freshman year. Now that I am halfway done since the fall semester has ended, I wanted to check back and do an update to see how I was doing.

1. Rush and be recruited to a sorority. {ACCOMPLISHED}
As many of you already know, I did rush and was recruited to Gamma Phi Beta! All my love in ΠKE to any sisters reading this right now.

2. Be officially accepted into the Business program. {ACCOMPLISHED}
Plot twist on this goal... I switched majors. My ultimate academic goal is to major in Higher Education for my master's degree, but I refuse to major in Education for my bachelor's because I don't want to teach. If for some reason I end up not attending grad school, I want to have a bachelor's degree in a field I know I will be happy working in, and teaching just isn't the field for me. Thus, I am now majoring in Human Communications which offers me a broad variety of subjects to choose from after I graduate and move on - including Higher Education. I am minoring in Business still, and I have been officially accepted into both programs - so in a sense, I guess you could say this goal was accomplished.

3. Make the Dean's List both semesters.
This goal is halfway complete because I did manage to earn the required GPA to make it on the Dean's List for my university this semester! While I do not have an official number yet to offer you all, I can for sure tell you that I know the GPA I will be receiving is far above what was required of me as well as good enough to qualify me for a First-Year Scholars Program award as well.

4. Find a part-time job on-campus or close by.
The search for a part-time job has been very rough as there are many students and only so many places to work, but I still have another semester to accomplish this goal!

5. Become a Student Ambassador for Leader in a club/organization. {ACCOMPLISHED}
Looking back, I am unsure as to what I meant when I said I wanted to be a Student Ambassador of a club or organization... In terms of leadership however, I was appointed as the Assistant Financial Vice President for my sorority for the new year, so I guess we'll count that!

6. Follow a set workout schedule. {ACCOMPLISHED}
Shockingly, I did accomplish this goal - I run at least two to three times a week now. I'm hoping to incorporate more exercising options into my schedule so that I'm not just on the treadmill all the time, let me know if you have any potential workouts for me that work for you!

7. Be accepted as an Orientation Leader or Rho Gamma for the summer of 2016.
So it turns out, I am not qualified to be a Rho Gamma until after I have gone through formal fall recruitment from both sides at least once. Therefore, I am unable to apply until after next fall for the summer of 2017 to be one... That leaves us with the option of becoming an Orientation Leader. I did apply to become one and was accepted to the group interview process, which is a great accomplishment! However, I was unfortunately not invited to move on to the individual interview process. Even though I did not manage to complete this goal, I am still very proud of myself for making it as far in the process as I did as just a freshman. At least there's always next year!

8. Make a new close/best friend (or two, maybe three!). {ACCOMPLISHED}
I did not expect to meet as many amazing people as I did this first semester. I have made so many new friends through my sorority and managed to get so close to my roommates that we're even rooming together again next year - but this time in an apartment! I am so blessed to have such supportive and caring new friends to join me on my journey through life now over these next few years (and maybe even longer) and I'm looking forward to the future with every single one of them!

9. Get at least one scholarship ("at least" because more is obviously always better).
I was unable to apply for any scholarships until I completed my first semester, so once I get my official GPA next week I will be on this goal like crazy!

10. Join and write articles for my university's Her Campus chapter. {ACCOMPLISHED}
At the beginning of the semester, I applied for my university's Her Campus chapter and was accepted! If anyone would like to read any of my articles, you can click here. There aren't very many (it has been a very hectic first semester for me), but in the spring I will be committed to getting articles submitted way more often!

How are your yearly goals coming along so far?

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