A Very Simple Update

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Things are a'changing around here, and I'm just going to get right into things today.

In my New Year's Resolutions post a few weeks back, I said I wanted to make my blog more of a priority in my life this year. Even though it may look like I didn't commit to this goal since I haven't really published much since coming back to college for the second semester of my freshman year, I can guarantee that I was not kidding.
I came back to school this semester thinking I had a schedule for my life set and ready to go, and then the unforeseeable happened...

Opportunities kept coming.

I literally feel swamped right now with everything that is suddenly happening for me. Now, don't get the impression that I'm not thankful for every new chance that has come my way these past two and half weeks of school already because I definitely am. I am always up for anything that allows me to stand out as a leader and improve upon my skills while additionally enhancing my assets for the future, but that's what has been keeping me from really committing to my blog lately.
(That, and I have a little bit of blogger's block.)

But I'm ready to follow through now. And although that means every once in a while I may possibly miss a post, I know that it'll be fine. I'm fully aware that I am a student first and a blogger second, and my more dedicated readers will respect that.

Until I know for sure that I can completely commit, I will be cutting down my posts to only two times a week on Tuesdays and Fridays. I may or may not have occasional posts on Sundays, but I need to ease myself back into my original Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule. If you really love me that much and you absolutely need three posts a week or you'll just die, I am a writer for Her Campus here at my college which I publish for every week. Feel free to check that out here.

My blog is additionally still undergoing a bit of work that I started back over the winter break, but it's gaining momentum. I have a professional camera for pictures now, so I'm extremely excited to get to put that to use in my posts from now on. I've been very focused on expanding my networks while I've been away from my blog these past few days and I have actually gained an enormous amount of followers on my social media accounts. For more info on those, click on the icons to the right of this post next to the image of myself (follow me on Pinterest and you'll definitely see a follow back - I'm kind of obsessed).

I take my goals very seriously. I'm not the kind of person who creates a resolution for themselves and then forgets and moves on from it after a week. You'll be seeing a lot more of me again around here starting now, and that's a promise.

Here's to a prospering year for A Southern Sunshine!

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  1. I think it is great that you are so busy. Being busy seems to be the way to go, especially when it comes to blogger block. Something I really need to work on...being more busy. I look forward to the changes and posts coming this way.



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