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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Let me start off with a short story...

I had an interview this morning, my first big-kid interview. It was just for an internship, but it was a door that, if opened, I would be taking the first steps into the career field I hope to one day be a part of. When it typically comes to opportunities such as this one, I jump eagerly at my chance and take charge. However, today ended up being a different kind of day...

I woke up despising the world around me, no longer wanting to attend the interview at all. I had let the pressures and stresses of life get to me, and as any normal college student not wanting to face adult obligations would do, I crawled into a little ball on the couch and just laid there. Right when I had practically convinced myself that I wasn't going to the interview, one of my roommates walked into the living room on her way out the door to school for the day. She told me good luck, and I told her what I had believed at that point was my final decision. And in just a few words, she managed to pull me out of a funk that I felt like I had been suffering for quite some time now:

"It's your dream, go get your dream."

She said this not actually meaning to inspire me the way she did. It was more joking-like, the kind of just-shut-up-and-do-it pep talk you get from your parents every once in a while when you whine about not wanting to do something. Either way, it still worked. After she left, I got off the couch and into my business clothes. I went to the interview, did the best I could, and left with no regrets. As tired and drained as I was, I felt like I had my edge back - and all it took was a few words.

The point to this story is that what should have been the most insignificant of sentences actually ended up turning my whole perspective around and getting me back on track. It's those little things in life that we need to hold on to in order to keep ourselves going. In the midst of trying to focus on other more seemingly-important aspects of my life, I pushed away the things that keep me sane, happy and motivated. This blog is one of those things, and I'm glad to be here again trying to make it a priority in my life once more.

So, if you could not already infer, life has been a little hectic for me lately. College is already no walk in the park, and junior year is definitely no exception. But it has all been in the pursuit of a better future for myself, and that's why I so willingly accept all the pressure that is thrown at me every day. I love every second of it, however I've let it affect how I feel these last few days and that's not okay. I sorted out my life today and made time for the things, such as this blog, that I didn't think were important enough for me to keep up with anymore. Turns out, I need this blog. This was my original dream, and even if it is no longer my number one dream, it is still a dream for me. I've always had big goals for it, and now they're just bigger than ever - and more defined; they will better represent who I am now, as I have grown from the style of my previous posts.

I want to be a resource, a guide. I want to help people while still conveying my personality and who I am through my work. And that is the future of this blog.

Thank you to all the people who have stuck around, and all of those who will continue to support me on this journey through life. A Southern Sunshine can only go up from here, and I promise you are going to love what's to come.

Stay tuned for a new post soon!

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