Top 10 Lessons I Have Learned in College

Thursday, May 4, 2017

My sophomore year has officially come to a close - or should I say junior? (WHAT.) As I spring forward to prepare myself to graduate a year earlier than planned, I can't help but be thankful for all the experiences college has brought me. From the good to the bad and the best to the worst, I have been given lessons that I will take with me throughout the rest of my life. The next year of my life will be a wild journey as I begin preparing for graduate school applications and examinations this summer to apply in the fall. As I reflect on the last two years, here are a few of the lessons I have learned while I college that I think would be beneficial to share...

1. You are not going to like everyone you meet and not everyone you meet is going to like you, the sooner you accept that the better off you will be.

2. Be all in with everything you do, and don't waste your time on things that you are not actually giving your time and efforts to. Is that organization really worth it if nothing is coming out of it?

3. Schedule a day to yourself each week for no work and to do whatever it is YOU want to do, I promise you will need it and be thankful you did.

4. Going off of 3, also schedule a small routine in your daily life that you can look forward to every day to comfort yourself on even your worst ones; sometimes you just need that nice cup of coffee while sitting on the couch reading a chapter of a book to get you moving happily in the morning, and my days without this routine for myself are the days I wouldn't be at my best.

5. You are going to make friends when you enter college, and some of them may not be standing with you at the finish line - others may have even taken their places. It may hurt at first when relationships end, but you will be okay; those people were just not the ones who were meant to be with you at the end. You realize who the people who always cared for their friendship with you really were.

6. Going off of 5, reconciling is not a bad thing and you should let bygones be bygones in life - and if you have to be the one to apologize for what you believe is someone else's mistakes, then just do it and be the bigger person. No conflict should ever go unresolved and every relationship should end with communication. You don't have time for grudges, you deserve to have the least amount of worries as possible. If someone chooses to hold a grudge with you following conflict resolution then they would clearly rather waste their life being upset with others following issues and not being happy to the fullest - why would you want to do that to yourself? You definitely don't need people like that.

7. Organization is the key to success, from in your academic courses to the positions you may hold. If you are not organized, you better start making it a habit now.

8. Know your limits, because turning up the heat higher than you know you should is when you get burned. Interpret this however you need to get the point across to yourself.

9. Keep your priorities in check. You are in college for an education that will lead you to a career - never forget that. If people are really your friends, they will respect that because their ultimate priority will be the same as yours. Have a strong support system.

10. You do not have to have it all figured out just because other people do - your moment will come when it's time.

Here's to senior year as well as a summer full of relaxation and preparation!
What lessons have you learned that were not on this list?


  1. Great takeaways! I'm getting ready to graduate too and shared my own lessons on my blog

  2. These are all so true, I'm glad you've learned so much already! I agree, you won't like everyone you meet and that's completely okay. It's a great thing to put everything into what you do and to be confident in what you do. I think with that, you have to be okay with some people not agreeing with you! I hope you had a lovely weekend xx

    Sending light & love your way,
    My Lovelier Days


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