101 in 1,001

101 Goals in 1001 Days (Inspired by Mackenzie Horan)
(I know it's not perfectly in order, but one day I'll sort it out!)
January 1st, 2015 to September 27th, 2017

1. Manage to come up with 101 goals (January 2015)
2. Complete a Disney marathon challenge
3. Have a Snapchat score of 20,000
4. Run a 5K
5. Run a 10K
6. Run a half-marathon
7. Run a marathon
8. Earn a bachelor’s degree
9. Pledge to a sorority
10. Have more than 2,500 followers on my blog Instagram
11. Have 200 subscribers via GFC on my blog
12. Purchase my own domain (April 2015)
13. Move into my first apartment
14. Have an online business
15. Sponsor or partner with one of my favorite companies
16. Take a spontaneous trip (November 2015)
17. Take a trip out of the country to somewhere I have not yet been
18. Have a record player with a vinyl collection
19. See a Broadway play or musical
20. Replace my glasses with contacts (March 2015)
21. Commit to a college for after high school (February 2015)
22. Be able to do a split
23. Be a guest writer for another blog (June 2015)
24. Incorporate and perfect a theme to my Instagram account
25. Have the perfect dorm room
26. Run a photo shoot as the photographer for someone
27. Take a staycation somewhere (April 2015)
28. Leave a 100% tip at a restaurant
29. Have my hair and makeup professionally done for an event (April 2015)
30. See a drive-in movie
31. Be featured on a company’s social media account (June 2015 - HerCampus Instagram)
32. Go to an NFL game
33. Cook Thanksgiving dinner for my family all by myself
34. Get accepted into my dream school (The University of Texas at Austin)
35. Get an internship
36. Be featured on Lauren Conrad’s blog as the Chic of the Week
37. Go on a road trip
38. Have over 10,000 followers on Tumblr
39. Put away $10 for every goal on this list that I complete
40. Spend a whole day at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World with the one I love (May 2015)
41. Have a New Year’s kiss
42. Have a fully charmed arm of Alex and Ani bracelets that represent me
43. Adopt a dog
44. Be asked for fashion advice
45. Own a Lilly Pulitzer dress
46. Own a Kate Spade purse (July 2015)
47. Dine in one of the castles at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World
48. Become CPR certified (March 2015)
49. Earn money off a lottery ticket
50. Have my blog turn one and celebrate
51. Start a new family tradition
52. Have a fully decked-out Disney Princess Shoe Ornament Christmas Tree
53. Meet someone famous
54. Receive a scholarship worth $500 or more
55. Travel to a famous city
56. Open a savings account (August 2015)
57. Fill an entire mason jar with coins (August 2015)
58. Graduate with my bachelor's degree debt-free
59. Earn and maintain a Starbucks Gold Card (December 2015)
60. Pay for the person behind me at a quick service place
61. Get accepted to graduate school
62. Join the alumni association of the university I graduate from
63. Have a shadow box
64. Be recognized by the workers at a food place for eating there so often
65. Set up a sleep schedule and follow it
66. See a movie on its opening day
67. Collaborate with another blogger for a post
68. Graduate from college with honors
69. Pursue graduate studies for a master’s degree
70. Get tested for allergies, diseases, etc.
71. Have big plans for my 21st birthday
72. Graduate high school with honors (May 2015)
73. Set up a portfolio website for myself
74. Get a picture with someone famous
75. Serve on an executive council of a club/organization in college
76. Be one of the judges of a competition (January 2015)
77. Join the alumni association of FCCLA
78. Win a contest (May 2015)
79. Model in a photo shoot
80. Attend a convention
81. Spend time in a beach house
82. Own a piece of jewelry from Tiffany & Co.
83. Make a canvas painting (April 2015)
84. Start a vlog channel on YouTube
85. Be recognized by a fan
86. Start a series on the blog (May 2015)
87. Get a picture with every Disney Princess
88. Stay in a Disney Resort (May 2015)
89. Become an organ donor
90. Renew my passport
91. Replace my closet to define my official style
92. Be someone's inspiration (March 2015)
93. Take up a hobby
94. Throw my sorority symbol at a place other than school/a school event (December 2015)
95. Make a new best friend in college
96. Be a representative of a company/organization (June 2015 - Krass & Co.)
97. Travel to a state I have never been to
98. Get my first job
99. Be a Big Sis in my sorority
100. Become close friends with another blogger I met through my blog
101. Complete this entire list


  1. Great list! Good luck on achieving it all--looks like you're already off to a great start!


  2. Love your list! I'm from Florida too!



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